• Maths is everywhere. No wonder the GCSE Maths exams are compulsory.
  • Some need Maths mainly in their everyday life; some need it in their work, too.
  • Some find Maths easy or relatively easy, some really struggle.

Whatever category you are in, we believe that Maths has more to offer than helping you get by in everyday life or build your career. Improving your Maths skills can considerably boost your confidence and give you an invaluable sense of achievement.

If you feel you need some help in Maths, you are welcome here!
Our motto is "Relax and Achieve".
Firstly, we ask you to relax... And whatever you may feel today, we invite you to start believing in what we believe with all our hearts and vast experience: everyone can do Maths, and so can you!
We have helped many people of all ages and from all walks of life. With our methods we can help you, too.  

  • We can help you whether you are at school or college and your GCSE or A levels exams are looming now.
  • We can help you if you have “missed your train”.... and now you wish to catch up. We believe it is never too late.
  • We can help anyone who finds learning Maths difficult - for whatever reason.
  • And more - you can help your young child with Maths, too! Let your 4+ years old child join our sessions and enjoy the fun of learning Maths. Modern scientific research has shown it's not too early...

You are welcome to browse our website to see how we can help you or your child to reach a brand new level of Maths competency and benefit from it.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and book your first lesson

“Lena is extremely good, she has made great impact - my son is really enjoying Mathematics now.”
— Emmanuel from London 02/04/2016


“Lena was great at building your confidence in maths that you never realised you had, especially for me who struggled with maths throughout my whole education. This confidence and explanations she provided for maths helped me pass one of the toughest exams taken in higher education.”
— Ciara from Chingford 15/07/2016